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Suboxone Cost
Medication Assisted Treatment for Heroin Addiction

How much does Suboxone cost?
When you are considering the cost of Suboxone treatment program you have to include various costs associated with it. Medication cost is just one component, and will depend on how much you are prescribed per day

The following table lists approximate cost of Suboxone and other drugs used in opioid addiction treatment

SUBOXONE Sublingual Film 8mg (Brand RB)$8-$10 per film
Suboxone 8/2mg generic tablet$7-$9 per tablet
Zubsolv 5.7mg tablet$8-$10 per tablet
Bunavail 4.2/0.7mg buccal film$8-$10 per film
Buprenorphine 8mg tablet (Not Prescribed)$3-$5 per tablet
Buprenorphine 2mg tablet (Not Prescribed)$1.50-$3 per tablet
Suboxone 8/2mg tablets in office$2.50 per tablet

What would be my prescription cost per month?
It will depend on how much has been prescribed to you.

On the average people will start with two 8mg tablets or films, per day, and slowly taper dose downward to prevent significant withdrawal.

Your approximate medication costs are as follows:

(Compare this to the money you spend buying illegal drugs/day you will always save money by getting treated)

SUBOXONE 8mg/day$10 per day$300 per month
SUBOXONE 16mg/day$20 per day$600 per month
Suboxone Generic Tablet 8mg/day$8 per day$240 per month
Suboxone Generic Tablet 16mg/day$16 per day$480 per month
Suboxone with Good RX coupon$3 per day$85 per month
Most pharmacies will allow you to get a partial prescription. You can purchase just a few tablets or films at a time. Please ask the pharmacy about this policy. Some may charge you more for partial dispensing.

Some manufacturers offer a medication assistance program for low income individuals, ask our staff for assistance with this.

You can search for medications cost at I have not found the prices to be accurate.

What is the difference between Suboxone and Subutex?
Suboxone and Subutex are brand names that have become popular, and even though now generic equivalents are available these names continue to be used.

Suboxone film is a formulation of Buprenorphine and Naloxone. It is a brand name for the product manufactured and marketed by Reckitt Benckiser as a film.

Suboxone 8mg film contains Buprenorphine 8mg and Naloxone 2mg.

Suboxone 2mg film contains Buprenorphine 2mg and Naloxone 0.5mg.

A generic version of Suboxone has now been approved. It is available as a tablet and film. There are several manufacturers who market this tablet, the cost varies considerably from pharmacy to pharmacy. With Suboxone coupon from the manufacturer, the film may come out cheaper.

Subutex contains Buprenorphine alone. This is not the recommended formulation for opioid addiction treatment.

Buprenorphine without Naloxone (Subutex) is only recommended for:

      use in induction at the beginning of treatment.

      women who are pregnant (however, Methadone* is still the current recommendation).

      patients who are allergic to Naloxone.

*In USA:

      Methadone cannot be prescribed by physicians for addiction treatment. Only government approved treatment programs called 'Methadone Clinics' are allowed to dispense Methadone.

      Methadone can be prescribed by physicians for treatment of chronic pain.

      Suboxone cannot be prescribed for treatment of chronic pain. A formulation of Buprenorphine available as a skin patch called Butrans ($120/patch, lasts for 7 days) can be prescribed for chronic pain.

Ask your pharmacist for the generic Suboxone, and shop area pharmacies to see who has it at what cost.

Suboxone film now comes in 2mg, 4mg, 6mg, 8 mg, and 12 mg. There are varying discounts for each. Check the manufacturer's site for coupons. Do the calculation and ask your doctor for the appropriate strength.

However, mg for mg, lower strength films and tablets are poor value. You are better off splitting the 8mg film into smaller units. Make sure you keep them in a secure place.

Zubsolv tablet, is also a combination of Buprenorphine and Naloxone and is being marketed by Orexo. It has a lower dose 5.7mg/1.4mg, that the manufacturer claims to be equivalent to 8mg/2mg of Suboxone, along with the claim that it tastes better. It does not offer any price advantage.

Bunavail film, is also a combination of Buprenorphine and Naloxone and is being marketed by BioDelivery Sciences. It has a lower dose 4.2mg/0.7mg, that the manufacturer claims to be equivalent to 8mg/2mg of Suboxone. It does not offer any price advantage. This film is not to be used under the tongue this is supposed to be applied to the inside of the cheek.

Discount coupons can be downloaded from manufacturer's web sites.

Suboxone, Zubsolv, and Bunavail.

Some pharmacy discount cards offered by pharmacies, downloaded from the web, or found in doctor's offices also may offer discounts. Some coupons are available on

The expiration dates of the coupon are continuously being renewed. Print your own coupon and ask your pharmacist for the rebate. Your pharmacist should enter the information once and not have to ask for your discount card every time.

      Most physicians prescribe Suboxone, or Zubsolv, or Bunavail, as these contain Naloxone, which deters IV misuse of the medication. This is the recommended formulation for use under DATA 2000, the act which authorized outpatient treatment of opioid addiction.

      Patients who are pregnant are only prescribed Buprenorphine preparation. Buprenorphine mono preparations are prescribed to patients who have documented allergy to Naloxone. Most prescribers do not accept patients who have allergy to Naloxone. Allergy to Naloxone is very rare. Naloxone is the only medication available to reverse opioid overdose.

      IV drug users are not prescribed generic Buprenorphine.

Partial prescriptions:
Most pharmacies allow you to obtain a partial fill of your prescription. For example you may obtain three to seven days supply at a time, thus reduce your upfront cost of treatment. Pharmacies may charge higher per tablet/film, or add dispensing costs if you fill the prescription over several days. If you are getting it through your prescription plan then you are required to get the entire 30 days prescription at one time.

There may be plans available through the manufacturer or other agencies to subsidize your costs, check their websites.

You should take the lowest dose that prevents withdrawal and craving effects, and slowly taper the dose to eventually get off Suboxone.

Generally patients are prescribed a maximum of two tablets a day, and expect patients to come down to one tablet a day within three to six months.

On the average patients spend $40 to $100/per day on illicit drugs. Under treatment you will spend less than$10 per day on Suboxone

How long does the treatment last?

That depends on the patient. The amount you take is within your control you can take as little as you need. The goal is to prevent significant withdrawal and stop physiological cravings, so that patients can continue to work or study without uncomfortable symptoms.

Highly motivated patients can do this in under 4 months. However, you are not under a time clock. Each person is different, socially, psychologically, physiologically and it may take some a bit longer.

Generally the longer you have had the drug issue, and the higher and heavier the amount of drugs used the longer you may need Suboxone. Some patients have been on this for several years.

We will individualize tapering for all patients. A good goal would be to reduce to 8mg per day within 6-12 months. There are a few patients who are unable to come off completely. They remain on a low dose of 4mg/day or less.

Well motivated patients have completed this treatment in as little as three months, however, most have taken much longer. Generally, the longer you have had the drug problem, and higher the quantity used the longer you would need Suboxone.

Get help treat your addiction Suboxone completely stops the withdrawal from opioids.

Treatment is inexpensive it is MUCH cheaper than buying illicit drugs.

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