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Fee Schedule
Suboxone Clinic: New Fee Schedule effective July 1, 2020
DescriptionDiscounted Fee
Initial enrollment + induction$80.00/4 Weeks
Initial enrollment (transfer)$80.00/4 Weeks
Follow-up visits$20.00/week or $80.00/4 Weeks
Suboxone 8mg/2mg Tablets$75 per bottle of 30
Suboxone 2mg/0.5mg Tablets$95 per bottle of 30
Urine drug screenRandom, Included in fee
Repeat/Urine drug screen$5 (if necessary)
Preauthorization for prescriptions etc.NA. Service not provided

Initial Enrollment + Induction
This is required for patients who have never been prescribed Suboxone, and for those who are transitioning from Methadone. You should present to the first appointment in mild or moderate withdrawal. Discuss this with staff on the phone prior to your first appointment.

On the appointment day you will be checked for withdrawal symptoms and given a prescription for Buprenorphine for in-office induction. You will take the first dose in the clinic, and will be observed for 20 to 30 minutes. If you have abstained from opioids then you will start feeling better within 10 to 20 minutes and will feel almost normal in an hour.

Patients are then provided a prescription for 14 days and a follow up appointment is made in two weeks.

If Urine Drug Screen is clear at two week f/u appt, then you may be switched to monthly if the doctor approves.

Initial enrollment (Transfer or Initiating treatment after relapse)
Patients who have been prescribed Suboxone or other Buprenorphine preparation before are not offered induction unless requested. The enrollment and medical examination is completed the same day. It takes about one hour.

This requires reading and completing consents, providing a medical and substance use history followed by a medical exam and discussion. Patients are then provided a prescription for 28 days and a follow up appointment is made in three weeks.

Unless you have relapsed and are taking Methadone, high doses of opioids, or long acting opioids you can do without the induction process. If there are any questions, just ask medical staff.

If you are restarting treatment after a relapse then you are required to be in withdrawal to receive a prescription.

If you are transferring from another practice and are already on Suboxone then you do not have to be in withdrawal.

My practice does not have a licensed counselor. Patients are free to enroll with a licensed counselor of their choice.

Tapering off medications is individualized and one size does NOT fit all people. The doctor will work with you to assist in eventually taper down and hopefully off of medications. This may take a few months to years.

Patients are seen once every 4 weeks..

Current medication dosage protocol.
Patients who have never been on Suboxone are started at 8-16mg/day for the first month, then tapering is done individually. Most patients are able to taper their dose to 8mg/day within three to six months.

Patients who have been prescribed Suboxone in the past are started at their current dosage that they were on before transfer to this program.

Patients receive the medication support for as long as they need it. Many patients can be this medication for years. It is not perfect, but it allows flexibility and more control for the individual to help prevent having a relapse and the downward spiral that results from it. Patients who do not demonstrate satisfactory progress, have frequent relapse, etc., may need more intensive treatment in an inpatient facility.

Tests required
1. Initially a Urine Drug Screen
2. Periodic, random UDS
3. Recommend labs once a year that can be done by a primary care provider to include Comprehensive metabolic panel.

Payment at the time of service is accepted as cash or money order or debit/credit cards. We do not accept checks.

My self-pay programs are only for patients who are uninsured, or have commercial insurance but do not need to file claims. Patients who have government funded insurance cannot be accepted as self-pay patients.

Fees are payable at the time of service. Fees cover the medical evaluation and management by the provider, and do not cover medications, or lab tests.

I do not participate in any insurance program, private or government funded

Your prescriptions may be covered by your insurance or your prescription plan. You have to check with them as to the conditions for coverage. Typically there is a limitation to the dose and duration for which it is covered.

Your insurance program may require that you attend counseling regularly to be eligible for the prescriptions. Some programs will not cover the prescription if it was prescribed by an out of network provider.

We can help complete the pre-authorization form.

My fee schedule is designed for self-pay patients who need to have a predictable fee, so that they can plan for it. There is no separate charge for urine drug screen. The urine drug screen is done at random and the cost is averaged out.

If you have insurance coverage:
I will not be able to assist you in filing your claims, other than providing you a receipt for payment received and details of service provided.

Medication costs
Cost of Suboxone it $2.50 for each 8mg tablet in the office.

Some pharmacies may honor discount cards. Most pharmacies allow you to obtain a partial fill of your prescription. For example you may obtain three to seven days supply at a time, thus reduce your upfront treatment cost.

Zubsolv and Bunavail are similar medications, and for equivalent dose they cost the more than Suboxone.

You can compare costs at area pharmacies from the website:,,

Blink Health,


All manufacturers provide discount coupon through their websites:

Suboxone ,



Most pharmacy chains also offer their own membership programs that provide substantial savings on these medication. Please ask your pharmacist.

I do dispense a limited amount of medications. Up to 28 days at a time.

You can receive a prescription for 28 days that you can take to any pharmacy of your choice and have the medications dispensed to you. You do not have to buy the entire prescription at one time. You can pay for and get a part of the prescription. Please ask your pharmacy about it.

Get help and treat your addiction. Suboxone is very effective in preventing withdrawal symptoms.

Treatment is now reasonable and highly cost effective, it is much cheaper than buying illicit drugs, and you will be on your way to recovery.

This page was last updated on September 29, 2020
Mark A. Seldes, MD
Dr. Seldes is a board-certified family physician, He is experienced with OWCP medical reports and performing Impairment Rating examinations. Dr. Seldes and his qualified staff, assist in obtaining compensation and medical treatment after a work-related injury.
We perform both In-person examinations and Telehealth visits for our Florida residents who are already established patients. depending on the patient's needs.

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